"Nature Buff" 2019 Calendar

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I traveled far and wide to put this 2019 Nature Buff calendar together and I must say it was definitely worth all the hours spent in long lines at the airport, pumping gas in the remotest of towns and fighting through tangled forests with steep hills and little footing.

It’s hard to imagine that those sometimes annoying tasks can amount to anything in the moment but when you pause and look back at your week, month or year it’s amazing to see the things we accomplish over time.

In 2019 when it feels like your favorite project is stalled, you don’t have any vacation coming up or it seems like you haven’t accomplished anything recently, do yourself a favor and flip back through the older months.  Remind yourself of everywhere you’ve traveled and everything you’ve done and I guarantee you’ll come away with a different point of view.

Also I tried especially hard to create photos that would provide a little extra motivation to flip back once in a while too :)


Sara Underwood

  • Months: December 2018 - December 2019
  • Printed On 100lb High Quality Paper
  • Full-Color Photography

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